How to choose a newborn photographer in Austin

How to choose a newborn photographer in Austin


Congratulations on expecting your sweet baby! As you prepare for baby’s arrival you might want to know how to choose a newborn photographer. Whether this is your first child or another addition to your family, finding the right photographer is so important. Newborn portraits are the most important pictures you can have taken since you will never be able to get these moments back! Newborn photography is unlike any other genre. You are not just choosing someone to take photographs but you are choosing someone to care for your precious baby. It is crucial to know your baby will be taken care of at all times. Making the right choice can seem overwhelming so here are some things to consider when deciding how to choose a newborn photographer.

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Newborn safety is without a doubt the most important thing to consider when knowing how to choose a newborn photographer. Since you are handing your newborn baby to someone else you want to make sure he or she will be in good hands. Your baby is still delicate and a professional newborn photographer will know how to safely wrap, pose, and photograph him or her. You have spent considerable time researching the safest baby gear. Don’t forget to spend time researching a safe photographer as well.

There are many things professional newborn photographers must account for during a session. A photographer that specializes in newborns will be familiar with proper soothing techniques and will easily read baby’s cues. Your baby’s comfort will be monitored at all times and the room temperature will be kept constant and warm. Newborn poses take incredible patience and gentleness to ensure baby is content at all times. Some popular newborn poses are only achieved with Photoshop magic. An inexperienced photographer that tries to recreate these images without safety training and compositing could cause your baby harm. This is why it is so crucial to choose someone that specializes in newborns and has received training on newborn safety.

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Experience and Education

Knowing your photographer’s experience with newborns is almost as important as safety. A photographer that has been specializing in newborns for many years will have incredible patience. She will be able to pick up on baby’s cues quickly and pose baby more efficiently. Reading real client reviews through Google will give you a glimpse into the photographer’s experience and skill. This helps you know how to choose a newborn photographer that is well liked and trusted. A great photographer will also invest in education to continue learning about lighting, posing, and safety. As such, she will also be able to create a higher quality image both technically and visually. Newborn photography is an art after all!


As you think about how to choose a newborn photographer style, there are two main categories to choose between. It is important to take some time to decide what type of pictures you prefer and which style fits your family best. Are you drawn towards natural images of baby in the home? These images are often unposed and focus more on family connection within your home. For this type of session you should look for a Lifestyle Newborn Photographer.

Do you prefer the pictures of babies dressed in tiny outfits and hats? Is it the wrapped images or baby placed on unique props that you love? For these images you want a Studio or Posed Newborn Photographer. These sessions are primarily done when baby is sleeping but can definitely include awake pictures as well. A posed newborn session requires a very high level of skill and expertise to pose and photograph baby along with siblings and family.

Once you decide the type of photography you prefer you should consider the photographer’s style. Do you love light and bright images or is dark and moody more your speed? Do you prefer colors, neutrals, or a mix of both? If you aren’t sure, look around at your home decor and furniture to see what you are most drawn towards. A professional newborn photographer will have options of backdrops, wraps, and accessories in a range of colors they prefer to use. The best way to know if the photographer fits your personal style is to look through their website galleries.

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While a lifestyle session takes place in your home, a posed session usually takes place at the photographer’s studio. This can be a big factor in knowing how to choose a newborn photographer in Austin. A photographer’s studio should be comfortable and sanitized regularly. Visiting a studio stocked with all the essentials will make the time spent outside of your home stress free. Your photographer may even offer refreshments and entertainment for older siblings which is a huge perk during long sessions. Other benefits of going to the photographer are that you don’t have to worry about the light in your home and you won’t have to clean before the session. Many parents love the ability to go to a studio where everything is set up and ready to go when they arrive.


One last thing you should consider is your budget. The cost of hiring a photographer can vary greatly.  Take into consideration the length of the session, your location, the photographer’s experience, their level of training, and how final images are delivered. Some photographers will leave you to take care of the printing and archiving of your images while others will do everything for you. A photographer that guides you throughout the process and provides you with finished artwork knows the importance of your time and the value of heirloom art. Please know that a photographer puts much more into a session than just the time spent with you. Editing images to perfection is a very time intensive process. An experienced photographer running a legal business will almost always be more expensive. When deciding how to choose a newborn photographer, always remember, you get what you pay for.

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Six questions to ask when deciding how to choose a newborn photographer

  • How long have you been photographing newborns?
  • What happens if my baby is fussy?
  • Do you supply all the wraps, outfits, and props?
  • Where are you located?
  • Can I visit the studio before the session?
  • What is the average client investment?


If you are deciding how to choose a newborn photographer near Austin, TX  I would love to chat with you! I have been photographing little ones for over 11 years and have captured hundreds of newborn babies. I always aim to provide my clients with a wonderful experience and gorgeous artwork. Because babies arrive on their own terms, it is ideal to book your session while you are still pregnant so we can properly plan.

Please CONTACT ME for booking information, availability, or to schedule a studio tour. I look forward to chatting with you about your own newborn photography session!


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    This is such a great post to help new parents try to find a photographer who works best for them. I love your style and would hire you in a heartbeat. I’m a firm believer in “you get what you pay for” and feel you are worth every penny!


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